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10 Best Plants That Bring Positive Energy

  1. Orchid

Orchids are both terrestrial and epiphytic plants. The latter indicates that they use other plants to sustain their growth. Orchids can brighten up any area, especially kitchens and bathrooms. The majority of orchids thrive in these humid settings. Most orchid species are rather easy to care for and should remain largely free of bugs, pests, and illnesses. Here we explain, 10 Best Plants That Bring Positive Energy.

2. Anthurium

It’s no surprise that anthurium have come to signify hospitality, with their open, heart-shaped flowers and tropical mood. With its heart form, the flower, also known as the Heart of Hawaii, reminds us of love and adoration. Anthuriums are thought to offer good luck in partnerships according to Feng Shui. In Greek mythology, they are regarded as Cupid’s arrows, the god of love and attraction, capable of making people fall in love. PlantsRus is the best Online Plant Nursery in Qatar. Contact PlantsRus to know more details about plants.

3. Monsteras

Monsteras exude optimism, playfulness, and a sense of vivid growth. Because the Monstera Deliciosa is tropical (native to Central America), it appreciates sunshine and warmth, but does not require a lot of direct light. Monsteras thrive in rooms with bright, indirect light, although they can also tolerate mild light levels. Again, they are low-maintenance!

4. ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is the unsung hero of almost every Instagram-worthy houseplant collection. The stems of ZZ plants develop in an elegant, wand-like shape that begins thick and bulbous at the base and tapers to a point. The plant has fleshy, oval-shaped leaves that seem like stylized feathers along the stem.

5. Snake Plant

Because of its low maintenance, Sansevieria trifasciata, or snake plant, has become a popular indoor plant.

It’s not only one of the best positive energy plants because of its vibrant color and cheerful vibe, but it’s also one of the healthiest. It absorbs volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulate matter from the environment. Contact PlantsRus to know more details about plants. PlantsRus is the best Online Plant Nursery in Qatar.

6. Calatheas

Calatheas, also known as Peacock plants, is a genus of Marantaceae plants native to South America. The plant’s colorful foliage makes it an excellent source of decoration for the home.

It also purifies the air, allowing for a more comfortable indoor environment. The plant’s leaves close at night and open in the morning, which is a wonderful feature.

7. Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum, also known as the Peace lily, is a great source of positive energy for the environment. It represents peace and tranquillity in Feng Shui. It can also thrive in low-light environments such as a bedroom or a toilet. It’s an air-cleaning plant. More plants like this can be found here. Choose the best plant nursery in Qatar for your pleasant atmosphere.

8. Lucky Bamboo

According to Feng Shui, keep the lucky bamboo on your office desk or kitchen countertop to become happy, peaceful, and prosperous. It is without a doubt the easiest indoor plant to grow, and it can be grown in either water or soil. We also added it to our list of the easiest houseplants to grow.

These positive energy plants will help to eliminate negativity in your home while also bringing happiness and peace. Touching plants has a calming effect, according to Japanese research. Aside from that, these indoor plants can help to purify the air and beautify your home. Check out the best plant nursery in Qatar for cute plants for your office.

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Grow these Positive Energy Plants indoors for a peaceful and calm interior in your home and office!

9. Chinese Money Plant

Pilea Peperomioides is a Urticaceae family member native to Southern China. The leaves exotic and one-of-a-kind shape makes them ideal for dramatic indoor décor.

It instantly fills the room with energy and a good vibe. It is said to attract wealth and fortune.

10. Satin pothos

These plants are extremely adaptable and can grow in a variety of environments. They like indirect light but can handle low light levels as well. Aside from being simple to cultivate and maintain, this plant is useful in the bedroom due to its air-purifying properties. NASA ranks it as one of the top ten air-filtering houseplants, capable of effectively removing pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene from indoor air.

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